Boatyards of wooden boats today

In the past, each seaport on the islands and coastal areas of the mainland had its own boatyard in which large sailing ships and smaller wooden boats were built to serve the maritime activities of the seafarers (such as trade, fishing, sponge fishing, and communications).

Today there are few wooden boatyards left and they usually have a limited work to do, because many of these maritime activities have been abandoned and others are done in different ways. The remaining boatyards continue centuries-old traditions; and often visitors to the "birthplace" of wooden boats have the feeling of the "aura" of an older era, which emerges through the smells of wood, the sounds of tools, the shades of the red lead, and the shapes of many curved moulds on the walls of the workshops.

Today, the majority of the operating workshops in Greek wooden boatbuilding are undertaking repairs and maintenance work on wooden boats rather than construction of new ones. Despite the fact that most of the workshops have the potential to undertake boat construction, new orders are limited and by default experienced craftsmen are scarce. By the end of the 20th century, more than a hundred boats were built annually in Greece, whereas nowadays, production does not exceed ten boats a year.

In order to reinvigorate this trade, the platform "Boats and Boatbuilding in the Modern Cultural Heritage" has tracked all the workshops on the map, and can offer the contact details (upon request) in an effort to assist in resuscitating this once proud industry. 

©  2021 Friends of the Museum of Aegean Boatbuilding and Maritime Crafts
©  2021 Friends of the Museum of Aegean Boatbuilding and Maritime Crafts